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    Pitch Contest Finalist Voting (Part 1)



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    Pitch Contest Finalist Voting (Part 1)

    Post by Lizardbeth on Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:54 am

    There are now 2 different categories to vote on for the Pitch Contest! The first (below) is for the longer, more descriptive pitches that give a general idea of the comic in a fun, interesting way. The OTHER category - one I just made up, because I got a few entries that fit in it SO perfectly - are short 1-sentence long blurbs (or have one "BAM" sentence that stands on it's own) that can be used for things like banner ads. They don't describe the comic in detail, but they really peak interest. ^_^ The best part is BOTH categories will win the full prize!

    Here's the entries for the 1st category. Names have been taken out to preserve fairness. You can vote for an entry by number in the poll above.

    (1) On a fictional planet, there lives a small community of friends. Delightfully unpredictable and consistently entertaining, the residents of the Bryon Factory Apartments offer wacky solutions to every-day problems; because clearly, nothing in this universe is simple. They laugh, they cry; they fight incompetent ninjas together. This is the world of Broken Plot Device, and more.

    (2) "Broken Plot Device revolves around a group of over-the-top characters living over-the-top lives in an over-the-top world. They could be repelling minor demon invasions one day, defending toy robot plans from hapless ninjas the next, or maybe just going out for a few drinks, but they always do it with their own unpredictable style. Check it out and get hooked at"

    (3) Feel like the real world doesn’t mesh with your inner nerdosity? BPD is the answer to your DnD-playing, Con-going, Mac-loving dreams! Sexually confused robots! Diminutive Dastardly Demons! Masked wrestlers! Yeah, we got that. All topped off with a shot of caffeine-drenched iguana. OH, AND NINJAS! Broken Plot Device. For the anthro-nerd in all of us.

    I will leave both polls up for 1 week! On Sunday the 22nd I'll close both of them and announce the winners on my blog. Good luck everybody!

    I draws a comic! (But you already knew that...) ^_^

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