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    The Tops on Hub World



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    The Tops on Hub World

    Post by Koleyl on Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:46 pm

    Just a little review my characters the Tops have done.

    Toppy: Greetings TV fans it is we the Tops here to give you viewing folks our review of the new channel airing around the USA and some parts of UK, Europe or some other countries who might or might not have this channel the Hub Channal or Hubworld as we calls it.

    Boxcy: What is the hub? It's a new channal that aired around the world since mid-october 2010 turning what was once Discovery Kids into the Hub Channal.

    Curly: Duh many of us were sad to see our favorite Discovery kids programs go but the new Hub Channel has some cool new shows.

    Socky: And shows that we only heard about from the 1980's.

    Toppy: Now for example one of my faves and don't laugh I'll bet there are plenty of guys who have been watching this show too. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. A new take on the old My Little Pony show featuring Twilight Sparkles a young unicorn who learns all about magic and friendship with a help of her new friends from Ponyville. It has great comedy and flawless animation that is a pleasure for both old and new fans of My Littl Ponies.

    Boxcy: Next we have a new take on the Transformers called Transformers Prime I watched the five specail and I have to say I can't wait for the offical show to air on Febuary 11th it has your favortie Autobots like Otomis Prime batting the Decepticons but in an awesome computer genterated animation that puts all other CGI shows and old Transformers cartoons to shame.

    Socky: Plus Boxcy has a crush on Arrcee.

    Boxcy: Hey shut up I do not.

    Curly: Duh then how come you have a poster of her on your wall.

    Boxcy: Big deal lots of fans have posters of their favorite characters on their walls.

    Toppy: Yeah but not ones with little hearts on them.

    Boxcy: One more word and I'll bust your three-horns off.

    Curly: Duh moving on we got G.I. Joe Renegades another new genterations of the classic G.I. Joe cartoon but this time it comes with a little A-team flair to it. The joes are frame for a crime they didn't comit by the evil Cobra Corperation and now must clear their names while defeating Cobra underground. Duh the new look is very cool and it still sticks to the same G.I. Joe VS Cobra storyline with lot of your favorite characters with a new look that both fans old and new of the Joes will love.

    Socky: And last we got Dan VS from the creatores of the Simpsons. Dan VS is about a sore-headed guy who hates everything and is always cranky and gets mad at everyone...kind of reminds me of Boxcy when he's in a good mood ah ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


    Socky: See? Just like Boxcy! Dan devotes in each episode for revenge against things like the Wolfman or Ninja's or even New Mexico.

    Toppy: So that's about it but the Hub has more than cartoons it also has an awesome game show "Family Game Night" where familes play their favorite Hasbro games like Yahzee or Connect Four and Bop it but at a giant size version and a whole new level for cash and great prizes.
    Also from R.L Stine the creator of Goosebumps comes the Haunting Hour where each episode is a treat for any families who likes a good scream now and then. Also we have the Hubworld where you can get the latest info on music, movies, games favorite hub shows and more. So we hope you folks enjoyed our review on the Hub channal until then.

    Tops: Good night folk.

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